Friday, December 21, 2007

Are YOU Ready?

Ready for Christmas that is! I know I am not. There are things in the shop destined to be Theresa Stifel Christmas gifts unless someone decides to purchase them first! (That is working on the theory that My mom and sister would think that is far more important!) That theory was put to the test on Wednesday when I thought heck I will take home this (fill in the blank) for my sister Robin and the phone rang just as I was walking out the door and it was a customer asking if the lovely (fill in the blank) was still in the shop! I confessed that it was in my bag and told client Jennifer the story where upon I told her that I would be delighted to remove said item from my bag and it will soon be Jennifer's and not Robin's. Sorry Sis! I promise you'll like what you are getting. Really.

Speaking of lovely sister Robin she helped me do the drawing for Stifel and Capra's December gift basket raffle and Susan Sullivan is our big winner! I had a hysterical time trying to write her a congratulatory email this morning because I figured it I wrote "you have won" or "Congratulations" in the subject line the span filter would toss my message! Hmmmm, maybe I should CALL her, eh?

This am has been busy. I started the morning with a visit to my doc as I am working on round 2 of a bronchial infection (Merry Christmas to me!) so more meds for me! Then I stopped into our neighborhood bistro, Natalia's for coffee and a muffin and found to my delight that she has homemade pierogies! For those that don't know Pierogie are little eastern european stuffed pasta (like a ravioli) that are traditional holiday fare among Slovaks like my husband. And as we are not attending the annual Cousin's reunion this year I am thrilled to offer them as a consolation prize. Will let you know if they are as good as Aunt Vilma's!

Tomorrow is the last Saturday that we are open from 9:30 to 5:30 so do stop in if you need any last minute gifts. Avoid the mall, we have hot coffee and free parking! I'd love to see you!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tick, tick, tick

I know I have used that for a title before but that is sure what the month feels like! We had a really nice time on FIRSTFriday. A festive crowd, a chatty crowd, a crowd of men buying things for their wives (YAY!).

I am excited because people are understanding what Stifel and Capra has to offer that is NOT on the walls or the shelves. In the past few weeks I have received print orders out of our artist portfolios, a portrait comission, custom pillow orders and I just finished an angel this morning. I can't post her picture because she is a gift but I will put it up right after Christmas!

My friend Laurie was back from travels to Malaysia and Thailand and brought wonderful jewelry and silk items for the shop. They are going fast. I am sure we will both be sorry that she didn't buy more!

My son just experienced the heady feeling of a large group of people laughing at your jokes. The occasion? Being comic relief in his third grade play! All the kids did a great job but I will say with maternal pride that George does have good timing!

We are staying very close to home for the holidays this year. Bob is bemoaning the loss of attending his family reunion this year (he has 27 first cousins, most are married with kids so it is quite a shindig!) so if you want to come hang out by the fire with my pathologically social husband, do call, we could use the company!

I am at the store the rest of the week from 10 to 2 and on Saturday from 9:30 to 5:30 so stop on in! We have new items arriving daily. I will post some new photos of the shop soon!

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