Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Wonderful Wednesday....

I think Wednesday has an undeserved bad reputation. I see it as a day to plot, plan and review, rather than a "hump" day to get through the week. Of course that might be because I am loving what I am doing here!

We had a fanTAStic day last Saturday. The Farmer's Market was jammed and so were we (thanks again to Beth for pointing people toward our balloons AND the door). Beth is the walking example of good karma in motion. She has been so supportive of the shop and we sold FOUR of her glorious pastels on Saturday. What a banner day. One of the paintings was headed to an Art League Jury after the store closed so it is a good thing Beth is feeling inspired to create. She has paintings to deliver and holes to fill on the gallery walls!

Tuesday was a full day. Artists delivering paintings for the FIRSTFriday event this weekend (remember it is 5-8
pm at the shop). I also interviewed two jewelers that look like they might be joining the team soon. It is a like being the proverbial kid in the candy store when it comes to chatting with new artists. Meeting people and discovering what motivates them to create and seeing what comes from their talented hands is always motivating and encouraging for me as an owner as well as an artist.

Our location continues to be a source of amusement here. Comments range from the fact that the place feels so comfortable that they feel like we have been here for years to asking when the building was converted from a home into offices because they are SURE the building wasn't here before now!
The owners recently renovated the building and they have done a great job on the finishing. Not too many office buildings have wooden floors in the lobby and granite in the powder rooms....

BOB Update: His physical therapists have put him on therapy hiatus for three weeks so he can dedicate the extra time to building up both his cardiovascular and muscular systems. The theory is that the extra training will increase his stamina and help him move to the next step of walking unassisted. Good News: Bob is pretty much on a cane exclusively except for in the rain or long distances. Only then does he break out the crutches or the wheelchair.
Enjoy these examples of some of our new art. They look better in person, though. Come see!
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