Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Your tax dollars at work

Work up at 5ish on Monday morning to the sound of multiple transformers blowing. Oddly enough I didn't actually hear the tree fall. I guess all of the power and phone lines must have broken the big tree's fall. This looks like a quiet residential street but let me assure you there were a LOT of cranky commuters on Monday when they couldn't drive too fast across their favorite cut through street! Lots of muttering, cursing and detouring to get to work! Many thanks to Debby & Howard who provided auxiliary power to the assorted laptops and cel phones on the street. Kudos to Dominion power who had the tree cleared and three to power poles installed and switched back on by 9pm that night. They were working steady through all of the onlookers distracting entreaties. We all gave a "hip, hip, hooray" to celebrate the fact we had heat (and refrigeration!) for the night...
Life is disjointed. And so at the moment is my latest project! My latest art doll's inspiration piece was a beautifully embroidered appliqued fingertip towel that seemed better suited as a fancy bodice than to hang unused (because it is far to pretty to actually use) in some one's bathroom. Stay tuned to see how she progresses.
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