Thursday, March 4, 2010

Come meet the Crazy Cats and the Lioness Poet!

My husband NEVER buys me "make-up" flowers but one of my artists that missed an appointment did. Thanks Bud! Certainly added a little sunshine to the desk during the yucky weather. They lasted a full two weeks, make that a lot of sunshine!

I found the craziest lamp the other day. Do you remember those huge console tv's in the 60's? Well it was all the rage to dim the lights to get the best view on your humoungous tv. The only light in the room should be the discrete glow from a small lamp on top of the television. Hipsters might have one like this cool cat lamp. Made by Kron, it has a bulb in its cutout back so the kitties cast an aura around their perimeter as well as through their funky eyes. Groovy!

Tomorrow is FIRSTfriday in Falls Church and I am featuring the work of Lioness Press founder DJ Gaskin. Dj is a poet, journaler, art book creater, card artist and beautiful person! Come meet her and all of our resident artists, have some snacks and see what is new from 5 to 8 tomorrow, Friday,March 5th. I REALLY missed everyone last month because of the snow cancellation so I sure hope you can come out and paly on Friday!
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