Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New (School) Year's Resolution

The buzzer went off at an alarming (!) 5:40 this morning but I was already sort of awake.  I must have opened my eyes 5 times between 3 and 5, anticipating the alarm.  First day of school.  My not so baby boy is a freshman this year. Astounding. My girl a senior, how can that BE???

Shaking off the cloud of disbelief, I staggered toward the coffee as they got up, showered , ate breakfast and actually brushed their teeth and put shoes on without so much as a nag from me.  Now I really know I am dreaming... 

The hardest thing about them walking out the door, (on time I might add)?  I was left with my New (School) Year's Resolutions.  You know the list that includes working out, making art, cleaning my house, writing, finishing something, THAT list?
In the spirit of new beginnings I decided to finish something.  On canvas, a thread sketching inspired by a vintage seaside photo I have. Nothing fancy, but she is DONE.  Oh am proud to report I DID go for a walk and row on the erg this morning while I am running laundry. Aaah the excitement of working from home this fine morning.