Saturday, January 26, 2008

Trees - 2 ways!

Here are 2 versions of trees from our resident watercolor artist Debby Conn. I think it is great how she can take the same shapes and create two entirely different moods with her brush. Of course I just think Debby is great (but I could just be sweet talking her into working for me some Saturday...).

Am more than just a little overwhelmed by how many balls I am juggling at the moment. I haven't dropped any except the clean house ball and laundry-put-away ball and those are not the most vital are they? Unless of course one wants one's children to wear clean underwear to school .

Have got my working shoes on (Chuck Taylor's) so I can get started rearranging the store. My kids have a teacher's work day off from school so they will be "helping" me on Monday. Yippee! Actually to give them credit my beloved offspring were AWESOME when it came to helping decorate the store for Christmas. They must have hung 300 Christmas ornaments and you would have never know an eight and eleven year old had had their hands in the room. So I am sure they will do the same again. If you come in on Monday and you see 2 kids glued to a movie eating pizza you will know I was wrong!

A quick reminder that this Friday is FIRSTFriday and I am COMPLETELY paranoid that I will throw a party and that no one will come so if you have been contemplating stopping in please do. I know it is hard to get motivated when it is cold and dark outside but it is warm and fun here at the shop! Friday Night 5 to 8pm.
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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

320 miles in 17 hours is 36 mph...

Leaving on a Friday to drive to Connecticut is probably NOT the best way to break land speed records but we made it there and back in one piece! My beloved sister Robin covered the store for me on Saturday so we could go visit my husband's family. My kids had a non stop play fest with their cousins, we got to visit some of our favorite relatives, ate and drank too much and turned around and came home. And to think I delayed the trip so we wouldn't get stuck in holiday traffic!

LOTS of excitement in the past week. I am working on a corporate bid that if it works will see 60 pieces from Stifel and Capra artists will get installed in one day. We are in the preliminary stages but it seems positive. I know I am biased but when I saw the space AND the colorboards I just knew it would be a good fit. Hopefully the client will agree!

I am very excited about my other big spring project. I will be sponsoring a charity art show to be held on May 30th and 31 at Vienna Presbyterian Church. We will be a two day show and sale with part of the proceeds going to 2 local charities. More details on that soon!

The shop is open 10 to 2 through Saturday and then Ashleigh and I will do a BIG rearrangement of merchandise and furniture. Call it spring cleaning if you will. I had a blast treasure hunting in New England so will have lots of new things to show you!

Husband Bob had his second opinion on his hip situation yesterday. The doc basically said "oh yeah, you are a mess. But we don't do surguries based on Xrays. We do them based on quality of life." As Bob is not real happy with his daily pain levels I suspect that the operation will be scheduled soon...
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