Saturday, February 25, 2023

Rainy Workshop Day

For some reason I couldn't post from my phone app last night after I uploaded my photos from the workshop that I taught at Arts on Main Gallery in Gloucester.
We had the workshop in the upstairs classroom. It was busy, busy yesterday!
There were patrons viewing the current show, a music recital performing, and the gallery manager was busy working on a new grant for the gallery.
Lots of action for a pouring down rain Saturday!
I told Blair I would attempt to get some photos but most of the ones I remembered to take are mostly of the debris field that is playing in mixed media!
The work shop covered technical as well as theoretical lessons and tactics.
Tips and tricks to facilitate balance in composition, color theory, and which glues stick to what, all rolled up in an afternoon workshop!
There is a 3 day, more leisurely version planned for the end of March.
Let me know if you would like the scoop!
This post is day 4 of the #the100dayproject where I attempt to put some words on paper every day for 100 days. Thanks for following along.   :)

Friday, February 24, 2023

Goals are good. But even better? Effort.

Two years ago I set a goal of painting 52 paintings for 2021. I thought if I am supposed to be a professional, surely I manage that, right? And I hit my number with some to spare.
Last year? Eh, not so much. 
I could blame covid finally hitting our household after we had managed to dodge it all this time. 
That was one of many things that derailed me in 2022.
But I was also distracted by helping my mom move, friends illnesses, and a couple of broken bones in house. Although many wonderful things happened last year, the 2022 was a bit of a bummer and its aftereffects are lingering.
But then it dawned on me I was going about my keeping score entirely the wrong way.
And I should know better.
Back when I was a corporate recruiter I used to counsel my team not to worry about the results (their goals and quotas) but to concentrate on their efforts. At that then the desired results would follow. 
So why hadn't I heeded my own advice? 
I realized I mentally was still living in a "lock down world" where the old rules didn't seem to apply. 
AND that even if I wanted to apply my normal standards to my productivity I couldn't. 
(I am here to tell you post covid fatigue is still wiping me out.)

Being reminded to treat myself the way I treated others was a bit of a wake-up call. 
My husband broke his leg in December. I certainly do not expect him to be 100% yet.
Helping him with his daily therapies remind me that I too needed to start at the beginning and concentrate on my effort and what I am capable of instead of expecting to do "x plus the year before" like I did in my corporate life.
It's humbling though.
I didn't finish my first painting this year until the third week of January. I started that darn thing back in the fall. Whew.  I started measuring my studio time in ten minute increments instead of items completed. My physical stamina was non existent, but worse was the lack of motivation and brain fog.
Reading about long covid made me fear I would not get better but day by day it's getting better.
Today I worked for a whole hour before I had to sit down. It felt good.

Just like my work is made of lots of small pieces I am trying to remember that small pieces of effort add up to create a whole. Who knows maybe I will make the 52 painting goal this year. We shall see.

 I am lucky. I have very patient clients, a roof over my head and food in the fridge. New things are happening. I have a solo exhibition coming in May. I am teaching a workshop tomorrow, albeit sitting down!

Today is Day 3 of #the100dayproject where I am attempting to get some words out everyday. This deliberate concentration is an effort and honestly harder than it used to be.
I appreciate you reading along.

PS These thumbnails are the bulk of the works I did last year. I am delighted and amused by the variety. Do you have a favorite?

Thursday, February 23, 2023

False Spring

While the Northern half of the country was buried in snow today, coastal Virginia was blessed with an eighty degree day in February. 
So there was nothing to do but gather the neighbors and enjoy the sunshine,
As the sun went down, my aunt's & mom's handmade quilts came out to cover bare legs.

By tomorrow night the temperature will drop forty degrees. The roller coaster of weather reminds me that it is not time to put the long pants away and that daffodils not withstanding, winter is just taking a nap.
But just, like life, one has to seize a sunny day when one can. Hope you are safe and healthy, enjoying your day, whatever the weather.
Day 2 of #the100dayproject trying to show up every day, even if I have not much profound to say. 


Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Showered with Love

Felt like the "Before Times"! A real paper invitation in a real restaurant.
The only rub? It's eight states away and I really hate to drive.
But I really love my niece more!
So I concocted an grandiose plan to drive from coastal Virginia to Philadelphia, pick up my daughter and hightail it to Connecticut. Then my master plan included some museum hopping in Philly on the way back and then home.

And then the Eagles made the Superbowl and if you know how crazy Philadelphia is about their sports teams you might understand why I decided to take a wee bit of detour that Sunday.

So my lovely daughter took the train home and I got to take my son to lunch and visit friends in Northern Virginia before headed home to watch the Superbowl from my very own couch.
It was a trek but well worth it to see my beaming niece and make her cry with her shower gift.

Alena's Wedding registry had a springform pan on it. I seldom shop from the official list (I am just onery that way) but I couldn't resist because we have her Grandma Dotty's renowned cheesecake recipe card,  in  her own hand, with all the secrets revealed. Like "the batter tastes great and licking the spoon is ok if you aren't afraid of salmonella" (Dotty was a nurse) and How To Peek" lessons on doneness - "When the timer goes off check x,y, & z, you will think it is done. It is NOT.".
You can barely see the actual gift, But it is in there. 
Along with the love.

Do you have a favorite sentimental gift?
PS this post is day 1 of this year's attempt at the #100dayproject 
Apparently I don't do well at the public accountability this (the subject for another day) so am putting it out here, not worrying whether anyone notices. But if you are reading this, feel free to comment on content or ambition and cheer me on.