Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pearls of Wisdom

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 FIRST Pearl of wisdom? To quote Ferris Bueller "Life moves pretty fast." My daughter turns 17 today. I, on the other hand feel like, uh 105 as I got up at 4 am to take her to crew practice. As you gasp in horror wondering, no, the kids normally practice AFTER school but it has been so windy here lately that they called a practice this morning. Glorious but cold.  The first regatta is Saturday so I am guessing that actually practicing on the WATER as opposed to training inside , is a good thing.
Sabrina Cabada - Featured S&C April Artist
 SECOND Pearl of wisdom? DON'T drink coffee at 4am.  The dock bathrooms aren't open until later.
Mommy Daughter ZipLine Bonding
 THIRD Pearl of Wisdom? Sometimes fast decisions are the best.  When another mom chickened out of the zip line and offered us her tickets, my daughter said, "Sure! We'll take 'em, right MaMa'?"  GULP, "Sure, sweetheart, let's go!"  I am apparently more adventurous than I think I am.  LOVED IT.
Bob's Ganache is the BEST
FOURTH Pearl of Wisdom? My husband is the best cake maker in the world. 'Nuff Said.

Rather be headed toward the sign on the right!

FIFTH Pearl of Wisdom? Being Self Employed is not for Sissies.  Yes, there is freedom and creativity, but there is also copious amounts of juggling: family, schedules, finances and decisions.  Hopefully the Lessons Learned from these Pearls are all positive ones.  If not, now, then when we make our millions by perfecting the Ultimate Guide to Getting It All Done.  Now THAT is what I want for my birthday...