Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Joie de Beads Boutique Open for Business!

Cathy Soltys has been working HARD. Not only is her space looking lovely and ready to receive clients, she has brought a new lot of lovely new merchandise to the store as well. Here is a glimpse of what Cathy's new studio looks like. She is having a "Sneak Peek Opening this week, Wednesday & Friday, from 10 to 2. For more details check out her website at http://www.joiedebeads.com/ .

As for me I am still painting trim - but I will be working in our present location manning the "Supah Sale" Wednesday through Saturday from 10am to 2pm. Just call me if you need to make an after hours appointment!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Smooth as Glass!

If you can judge a man by his tools, Ric was the number one man in the 'hood over the weekend! Every time ANY one had an issue or needed a more clever way to handle something Ric would quietly say "Well, I might have something back at the house that would take care of that problem..." Got to tell you, you could have set up a cabinetmaker's shop by the time we was done, I think! Thanks Ric! And thank you to my stalwart family - Husband Bob, dad Bill, sister Robin, and brother-in-law Glenn, neighbors Bob & Phil and the a fore exalted Ric for getting the floor down. It looks great. Really elevated the character of the room. I have started painstakingly painting the trim. We will see how long THAT takes!

Ashleigh's instinctive design prowess was in full swing this weekend as well! My dyslectic self is intimidated by fitting tile but she jumped right int here with a short tutorial from her contractor Bob and help from her family of men.

Doesn't the floor look FUN? Just like her merchandise!

We had a busy weekend between the floors and the "supah sale". The sale is STILL ON, the more you buy the less we have to move, the more room we have for new merchandise! So come one, come all! Make an appointment if you can't stop by between 10 am & 2pm. We are happy to open up!

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