Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year!

You know that you are getting old when your idea of a A+ vacation is getting to sleep until you wake up! That was my cheap thrill three days in a row when I traveled with my family to our place near the Delaware shore. I read ALL of the books Debby lent me and basically groveled in having nothing much to do. Ok, so my big exertion was climbing out on the roof and nailing the blown off gutter back on. It was more mental work than physical (it's kind of high up on the second floor) but it seemed more prudent than my beloved Bob crawling out there with his prosthetic leg! Felt very macha after that and then went treasure shopping and bought a LOT of new goodies for the shop. Loads of fun.

Also fun was my introduction to Leslie Mason. Our mutual friend Sharon introduced us because she thought I would enjoy Leslie's latest project; I did. Party Animals 2009 is a timely calendar celebrating presidential pets and their First Families. Leslie put together a bi-partisan collection of presidents pets and pithy facts and dates that EVERYONE can enjoy. I am guessing some personal interests are reflected int he calendar. It is not every annual datebook that contains this year's Triple Crown dates!

I dragged a stack of canvases upstairs to jump start doing some collage work in the new year. My son asked what I was making and I told him that I didn't know yet! I'll let you know when I do!

ADVANCE NOTICE: We are having a private "Thank you" Sale on Thursday January 15th from 6 to 9. This event is not being advertised to the public but please fell free to bring a friend. All sales on the 15th will be discounted by 20% including fine art & furniture. So if you are having non-buyer's remorse over something that you didn't get at Christmas, come on in!
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