Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"it's the MOST wonderful time of the year..."

I am SURE I am not the only parent that found the adaptation of Andy Williams' old Christmas Carol turned school supply ad hysterical when it first came out. I am also sure that I am not the only parent that was thrilled that school started for the bulk of the kids on Tuesday. I will also note that there are distinct advantages to having a three mile commute. NOT getting stuck behind school buses is only one of the positives I can think of...
In our family we always take a couple of goofy pictures to warm up our faces in addition to our "serious" photos. Have to admit this year I like the goofy shots better... That last shot is me experiencing the fleeting freedom of someone else molding my children. (Thank you all of teachers!) Didn't last long before the list of things to do (5000 forms from said schools) intruded on my mood.

Today was a day of treasure at Stifel & Capra, I received tons of new to us vintage yummies. Racks of coats and dresses, funky mid century kitchen ware, a huge stack of hand made quilts, cozy chenille and lots of sparkly jewels. JenNi Santiago tightened up her jewelry line and Suzanne dropped off new paper art from Dave Jenkins. All of the paper work I brought to do at the shop didn't even get unpacked, let alone worked on.

I always view back to school time kind of like New Year's. A time to contemplate, establish new routines, etc. Can't wait to see what I cook up for fall!
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