Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Year, A New Day

Some people might have started their New Year's Resolutions on January 1st but to me the year started today, yes, kiddies "Back to School Monday"! Of course I was going to write some pithy comments this morning but I was too busy trying to find a lost pack of invoices that slipped between a box and a bag. Argh. That is six hours I will never get back! There was much rejoicing when the book was found but my luck didn't hold for long. One of my aforementioned beautiful children neglected to lock my vehicle when we went into an eye doctor appointment and when I came out my mobile phone was gone. Argh! Trying to be zen about it but if I only have your mobile number don't expect to ever hear from me again as all of my numbers are gone. Yeah, yeah I know there are back-up systems, yeah, yeah I only learned how to actually program numbers INTO my phone three years ago. Yes, my name is Theresa and I am technically challenged.

One thing I am actually NOT challenged about it making chili. With Bob being the former chef AND him thoroughly enjoying cooking in what I call "showtime situations" (translation: any time people stand around and ooh & aah) I usually leave it to him! But on New Year's Day AKA January's FIRSTfriday in store Stifel & Capra celebration we decided to be open during the day and serve carb & proteins heavy food to wash down the prior evening's festivities. Turkey & turkey sausage 5 bean with water chestnuts chili for me, the infamous pulled pork BBQ multi bean spicy combo for Bob. As Bob makes some of the best pulled pork on the East Coast I figured his would be the ringer but I held my own or was maybe a little ahead in the voting by the end of the afternoon!
Looking back at the photos in this post I see a lot the beauty of nature, that love o' mine and the chopped up mess that is life!
The lovely sunset shot was taken on the way home from one of the most inspirational memorial services I have ever attended. My former roommate Peter lost his brother to an unexpected heart attack the week before Christmas. Doug was only 46, in good health and left behind a wife, three kids and a huge loving family. As a Christian I have been told that one should live their life like there is no tomorrow, that you need to be ready for and have faith in the big plan. My continued prayers for healing go out to the Moog clan and I've added living so someone misses me when I am gone to my resolutions for 2010.
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