Thursday, June 17, 2010

the countdown of days...

The countdown begins.  Three days to my son's birthday. Eight more days until the end of school.  55 days until my beach week.  77 days until school starts again...  Aah the cycle of summer!  I did get to mix business with pleasure as Bob & I took the family down to Rehoboth (treasure hunting for the shop along the way!) this last weekend.  We had PERFECT weather.  Really to chilly for us to go in the ocean although we got quite the show on Saturday from the windsurfers off the beach.  Sunday we went for a not terribly arduous paddle on the bay side.  Wind had dies down.  MUCH more my speed!
Even though Washington area traffic can eat the large part of a weekend getaway. It is still a good thing.  To get away that is!  To recuperate and rest from your daily existence.  I was so motivated when I returned home I energetically went through, sorted and culled all of my fine art supplies.  Got to tell you I felt very professional seeing it all lined up there just waiting for me to make something.  Of course you will notice that I am not showing you 4 walls of photos, mostly because what I am making is a big mess!  Still sorting and culling and donating a mountain of things that rock but not appropriate for the artistic direction I have taken. 
I did however, get a very small project done from start to finish yesterday in less than an hour.
I was feeling all smug when Cathy called to tell me my 10:30 was at the shop waiting for me.  Oops, I had the new Business Director of Homestretch's coffee appointment down for NEXT Wednesday. Homestretch is a Falls Church based organization that helps homeless families rebuild their lives.   Luckily I live 2 miles from the store so fifteen minutes later we were in Natalia's (area's BEST coffee & party shop) talking about this September's Homestretch Days and this year's 2010 Artists Helping Others show.  Both should be lots of fun to work on.  I am actively seeking exhibitors for the art show so see the website if you'd like to apply!Posted by Picasa