Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Who are the O'Connors and why the chickens?

Personalization has always been the fashion in cocktail napkins among the genteel happy hour crowd but I did not know QUITE what to make of these unsullied dozen chicken napkins I discovered when I was treasure shopping the other day. Don't you wonder what the circumstances were that these were an appropriate gift? Prize winning poultry at a competition? World's best egg recipie contest? Somebody's nick name was "chick"? They are quite well done and on a lovely grade of linen as well. I guess some mysteries will never be solved.
My hubby sure knows how to pick 'em. Roses that is. Today is the twentieth and my ubiquitous red Valentine roses are looking as fresh as if they were cut yesterday. Bob normally scorns the red in favor of the peach roses he favored me with while we were courting but no Oceanas to be seen so the lovely red this year. A girlfriend tells me that I am lucky my husband knows not only the difference between roses but the actually date of Valentine's Day as well as my birthday and our anniversary too! She's right. I am lucky.
Speaking of lucky, my lovely friend A got too lucky for words the other day when she was driving down the road on trash night (yes, yes I take things off curbs too) when she spied an old fashioned trunk amid a mountain of house debris. Hearing her husband's "what do we need that for" voice in her head she nearly didn't stop but her treasure hunter instincts prevailed and she pulled over. Thr trunk was sturdy but nothing special. She lifted the lid and the trunk was crammed full of vintage and antique linens!!! (I'm trying very hard NOT to be bitter at this point in the story.) A lot of things were in fine shape but apparently "old" and "out of style" in the eye if the beholder so they landed on the curb. A few items were lovely but in shreds. "A" passed on a bagful of those lovely items for me to use in my collage work. Here is the piece I finished yesterday. The camisole was all hand sewn with fine stitching and the minute pleats. Even torn up I still think it is lovely. Kind of like I feel about my husband!Posted by Picasa