Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Survivor Guilt

I remember when my friend Anna told us she was starting a blog and the group of church ladies I was with was like "O that Anna, is this like when you tried out for America's Funniest Housewife?"  We barely knew what a blog was.  Anna riffed on family life incognito until she outed by the horror of a parent's worse nightmare.  Outliving your child.

I don't see Anna as often as I'd like to because I am a self employed working artist/wife/mom/shopkeeper/house cleaner/laundress.  Lame excuses.

My boy and Jack were the same age & in the same Sunday school class. Anna and I would meet for lunch and commiserate about our quirky, passionate, intelligent , funny sons and wonder why didn't we get them together more often.

Yesterday would have been Jack's 15th birthday.  I am honored Anna still takes my calls.
We need to get together more often.