Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday to S&C!

 You might have thought after the blog hop I would have been so inspired to run right down to my studio and MAKE something but no, I was making a mess and then cleaning in up -AKA rearranging the entire shop so it would be ready for our annual Birthday BASH!  Lots of fun this year.  We did have an enthusiastic yet wilted crowd.  The weather in DC has been BRUTAL. The triple H's Hazy, Hot & Humid. You know you are getting old when you talk about the weather and how it affects you...  And then add to that Mother Nature's gift of hot flashes and I just wanted to stick my head in an ice bucket!
 What did get for our birthday?  Lots of well wishes, a few (hysterical!) birthday cards and a SHED!  In a fit of fortuitous timing we got our neighbor's shed for the price of hauling it off their lot.  Amazing.  What a blessing to have a little extra room for cool pieces that we couldn't hold any other way.  One of trickiest thing about this business is that you have to buy things when you see them, whether they are seasonal or not (like the 8 turkey platters Bob just picked up from a client!) or not.
Our mission?  NOT to crap it up with things we will get to "later".  Stay tuned, my friend, stay tuned!