Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Aunt Vilma still rules but I must confess Natalia's pierogies were right up there! Yum! Stop by her bistro and get some before they are gone!

We spotted friends in church yesterday that we usually don't see as they normally teach Sunday school (poor souls to my son!). Passing a note down the pew we ended up all together at that famed local institution, the Vienna Inn. 2 chili dogs and a cold beer is not my normal lunch during the holiday season but I have to tell you it really hit the spot and fortified us for our day ahead!

We basically wandered the neighborhood eating, drinking, telling stories and caroling. First an open house at Susan and Paul's where the fireplace was roaring along with the laughter. S & P have a great tradition that I wish I had heard of 20 years ago. When they shave the bottom off their tree before they put it up, they save the stump and write the date on it. So displayed on the Christmas mantle are 20+ years of tree trunks; all different sizes and widths. It's sentimental in the best sense of the word...

Then we went home to rest up for the neighborhood carol sing. I got my miles in. Bob here's your coat. Oh do you need your crutches out of the car? Honey you will never make it around the block, I'll go get your wheelchair. Oh you wanted the foot rests? Ok I'll take the crutches back. I DID catch up with them before they turned the corner but barely.... The kids have so much fun with caroling. Mostly I think they just like pummeling the doors of neighbors they don't know well and jangling the sleigh bells. A little annoying if you are singing "Silent Night" but you have to take it in the spirit it is intended! We finished up the night at Sheila and Phil's for hot soup and fondue and mountains of cookies. Evan, their son (and the kid's favorite baby sitter) was VERY generous and let the little kids play with all of his musical instuments. I thought he was very brave. (I don't THINK any thing got damaged). I have a great memory of our little buddy Andrew trying out the accordian for the first time. Pretty hysterical I must say!

We are at the shop until 2 today and then working on finishing our to-do lists.

Thank you to everyone who helped make the season great. I wish you and yours a blessed and peaceful Christmas.
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