Thursday, May 14, 2009

Patterns & Painting

Amazing how one word can mean so much! Like "traveler", "broken", "loyal" or "indispensable" the words on my dipped wax dress shadowboxes or, more moronically "sure" as in Robyn, my paint diva asking me "will you have time to prep the bathroom walls that I am painting?" My one word response "sure!". In hindsight what I think is: "garbage!" if Robyn had prepped the bath et al I'd be done painting the cursed hall way by now and would be done painting the walls! What the blue blazes WAS I thinking, not much appraently! And ugh, do I HATE the smell of primer in the morning. There is actually no satisfaction whatsoever in scraping and priming walls a dingy white. ugh.

Ok, now that I am done whining, I will say I DID enjoy unearthing a midcentury wall paper from unlikely spots in the shop. This used to a be a doctor's consulting rooms and family residence in its first incarnation (pre beauty school & antique mall) and I really love this wall paper. Green and aqua are two of my favorite colors. I wish I could have peeled this paper to use it in a collage but alas, it just chips, so I made do with a picture instead!

We are firing up our first Little Falls Flea and Art Market this Saturday morning so stop by to see the perenially favorite Mary Moll of Merry Stitches, the MEH MIddle school kids selling their treats to fundraise for their big trip to the Odyssey of the mind finals, and the big Stifel & Capra sale tent. Hope to see you soon!

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