Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nothing like a deadline!

Nothing like a deadline to get you motivated! Falls Church Arts is sponsoring a show called Passport to the World. The show is opening is this weekend for details. The drop-off day was Tuesday between 6 & 9. When did I frame my piece? Tuesday at 3:30 of course. Eek, nothing like living on the edge. But hey, at least I finished my piece! And I liked the way it turned out. This was one of the few times that my sketch ended up looking like the finished result. Mostly I suppose because there are no wayward faces or crazy hairstyles to get distracted by in this one.

I am trying to make 2011 a "concentrate on your art" year. I feel like I spent FAR too much time last year reacting to things instead of pro-actively doing my own work. The conundrum is of course, making art is rejuvenating while working on spreadsheets? Aaah, not so much in the soul restoring category. For me at least. I am sure there are a lot of folks out that that feel restored by the symmetry of Excel but for me it is a necessary evil. When I am working on paperwork it helps to think of the beach. Like all my hard work will some day earn me waterfront! Took this shot the last time I was in Lewes, Delaware.
Had a wonderful weekend at the store. Friday was our FIRSTfriday Open House of course. Ended up staying later than normal as a patron lost their car keys! Eek. Crisis averted as they were found. Saturday and Sunday were encouraging for this fretful "Wonder waht the year will bring?" owner. Very encouragingly we sold SEVEN paintings on Saturday and Sunday. None of them were huge pieces but it was nice to see folks supporting "my" artists!

What else is new and exciting? I have about twice as much energy as I did six months ago. I think my chronic neck problems are being assuaged by the ancient art of acupuncture! It is quite thrilling to being able to work at tasks (like typing this entry) and not having my back lock up so I can't move onto the next thing. Three cheers for Joanne!
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