Saturday, December 31, 2022

Thoughts on the New Year

Habitually I have used the week between Christmas and New Year's Day to contemplate my goals for the coming year.

Although I must confess this post covid exhaustion and dizziness is not helping me think deep thoughts this year. At all. 

So- here are thoughts from 2020. They all still ring true. 

I have found over the years that I am very successful at achieving certain kind of goals and abysmal at others. 
Upon contemplation I realize goals that require accountability in action as opposed to refraining from a habit work better for me.

If I am walking, I am not overeating.
If I am making art, I am not doom scrolling.
If I am asking questions, I am not assuming.
If I am intentional, I am never lost.

Here's to lifting up those that are in pain, those who grieve, those who are lonely, those who can't sleep, those who are fighting disease, those that need love.

Here's to light at the end of our collective tunnel.

Here's to leaving the dark behind as we head to the new.

Wishing you peace, justice, and prosperity in all forms. 

Happy New Year.

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Blaire's Brother is getting married. An Upcycle for Remembrance.

It might have been after my buddy Melissa sang my praises on social media but I was contacted by someone who wanted to do something special to remember her father.
Blaire's brother was getting married and Blaire wanted him to have a memento of their late father on his wedding day. So she sent me some of her father's ties and we concocted a plan!
After picking them apart I came up with a pattern that I like that I thought would work will together.
Stitched them up...
And came up with a pocket square for him to walk down the aisle with!
Proper in the front-
A little wacky on the back!
Then I googled "how to fold a pocket square!
Here are three of my favorite ways to fold it!

 Thank you Blaire for trusting me with your family heirlooms.

May your dad's memory always be a blessing.