Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Finally Finished.

As a mom I am generally extremely good at multi-tasking but come to find out when it comes to art, I am not. I finally finished two homemade paper and fabric collages that I started ages ago. TAda for your review...

I have been working in series lately. I read a great article recently (think I can remember who wrote it or what magazine it was in so I can give credit? NNOOOooooo....) where the author mentioned that if you were paranoid about "ruining your art supplies (always a hazard of the trade when you work with one of a kind ephemera) to do multiple pieces at the same time. She mentioned if you have one or more "practice works" cooking along side your "real one" you were more likely to go for it and not hesittae when you were creating. Of course the amusing part is your "practice one" usually ends up being a favorite!

Today was my studio day. I am supposed to create all day. Instead I:
*Spent a panicked 20 minutes looking for a lost comission piece (found it!)
*Did 6 loads of laundry
*Did NOT exercise
*Got into a fight with my daughter for serving her the dinner she requested (don't ask)
*Spoke to my sister the Beloved WebMaster 6 times
*Still haven't given her the answers she was looking for and
*Reprinted a comission invitation 3 times becasue my printer thinks navy blue should turn purple when you heat set it.
*Wondered where my day went.

Hope your day was productive.
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