Saturday, April 28, 2018

The show went up, the show went down, other kinds of painting going on...

Nothing much to see here, right?

 Nothing to see except the neutralizing handiwork of two out of shape, middle aged people who painted all the woodwork of the main floor of a cottage spurring on by said middle aged woman who had wanted to do this for 20 years and decided her "birthday getaway weekend" was when she could talk her husband in to doing the work. you know, as a present!
 Gone with the bright blue and yellow eighties sponge painting. Gone are our backs and knees. In is our pride in doing a good job, TOGETHER.  And, of course, we painted to put it on the market.  NOte to self: do the darn projects on the next house so YOU can enjoy them.  You can see our handiwork here.  Tell your friends. Please.
 My other big "self care" event for my birthday weekend? Got the car washed! #lowmaintainence