Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Keeping to a schedule (in my own little mind, at least).

I don't know about you but I am a big list maker.  But if you are like me, some things seem to always fall to the bottom of said lists.  As 55 is creeping up on me I am more and more aware of the things I have to plan to do instead of assuming that they will accomplish themselves.   With me, usually it is taking care of myself unless I am forced to. Setting aside my absolute lack of desire to exercise while still desiring to be in shape (!) I am proud of myself for scheduling in on my calender some things I want to accomplish.  One of these things is my Tuesday morning drawing class with Alexia Scott.  I am learning a lot - one of the biggest lessons is the reminder that just showing up is half the battle to learning a new skill or accomplishing a goal.
Dismantling the Falls Church Stifel & Capra requires multiple lists! One whole set of logistics revolves around what merchandise is going where.  I am proud to announce that we will STILL have a local place for CeCe Caldwell's paint customer to buy their paint in Falls Church.  God bless Tom at Art and Frame of Falls Church! We are stocking up the paint as we speak and will let you know when we have demos and classes scheduled.  Stay tuned there.
Next on the to-do list? Determining whether or I not I am crazy to be booking a twenty foot truck to haul display shelves counters et al to my new space at the Old Screen Door in Lewes Delaware. I am delighted to report with my trusty space planning tool of ruler, paper and scissors the verdict is - my mental plot OUGHT to work! Of course I am guessing I have totally forgotten some serious pole or junction box and I will be completed thwarted when I get there (takes a break to pull pics off my phone), YES there is a box. Argh.
I do a new lay-out.  It's all good.  Now if only the shed moving guy would show up so I can get my etsy shop inventory out of the shop basement and into my back yard....