Thursday, November 8, 2012

Equilibrium, Schequilibrium...

 I did these two pieces called "Equilibrium" AGES ago to characterize my mom practical side and my la-tee-da sides.  The gal at the top is balancing all her facets, work, kids, spouse, job, logistics, homekeeping, driving while managing to keep every hair in place and a smile on her face.  Babe number two is having a Calgon "take me away" moment dreaming of blue skies, flowers, & making art.
The reality?  If you want canvas number 2 you have to (get to?!) sandwich it among canvas number 1.  Frankly I am feeling the pressure of my deadlines on every front but it is all good.  Except for the reports due, the looming laundry, the embroidery elbow, the disheveled post flood shop cellar, the very ill friends, the friends without power, the crippling neck pain,    As the wise Lesley Riley says, "Just take one step, and begin."  OK, girl, deep breath, get the heating pad out, go to sleep and start again tomorrow.