Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Alexia Scott's Studio Gallery Grand Opening & the Power of YES!

"Things happen for a reason" is a constant mantra in the Stifel household. Of course sometimes you have no idea what those reason are until LONG after the fact...
When I moved into Falls Church with Stifel & Capra years ago I went next door to the doctor with the friendly reputation and asked him if we could "borrow" his parking lot for our after hours events.   I held my breath, not knowing how he felt about artists.  
Tom chuckled warmly and invited me into his office where on EVERY wall was the most amazing art painted by his highly talented wife Alexia.
Yes! we could use the lot. Yes! we carried Alexia's art at S&C.
Yes! years later I started taking drawing lessons from Alexia.  Yes! I am totally paranoid about my lack of ability there.
Fast forward a year and a half, Dr Scott retires and he & his wife decided to turn the building into a teaching studio and gallery.
Yes! I would be delighted to help market and manage this new venture and show my work there.
Yes! we put together a gang buster initial show for Alexia's Studio Gallery Grand Opening.
The weekend of April 13th to the 15th was truly wonderful.
Believing in giving back, the opening was a fund raiser for the local Arlington Philharmonic.
The artists included some of the most caring folks around and I am delighted to work with them again.
Yes! Things happen for a reason.

(See anything you like? Let me know- I have keys!)