Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Ponies, playing and poundage

In keeping with my "oh well, what the hell" attitude of late of NOT trying to micromanage everything (although I can still my colleague Cindy saying "so you've got control of the 'needing to be in control thing, eh?'") , I am still being rewarded by the Powers That Be (and awesome friends) with opportunities that wouldn't exist if I didn't have the time to take part in them!
With the invitation of S&C next door neighbor Alexia Scott to take place in her Studio Gallery's Grand Opening I have the opportunity to play with some BIG canvases- four feet tall to submit for the show.  I am having a grand time with theses works in progress so far.
I also had the opportunity to go to BOTH the Virginia Gold Cup and our buddies' Kentucky Derby party without having to barter away days off or spend money I don't really have to attend a wonderful party or two.  That in itself felt like a departure when I realized I could simply keep my eye on the phone in case someone had a question but not have to worry about whether we were spending more than we were making with all of the hideous rain we have been having.  That is simply just no longer the case.
Suddenly, weirdly I can just enjoy.  Don't get me wrong I still am working really hard but I don't feel so much like I am looking over my shoulder all of the time.  Take Mother's Day for instance.
We have an AWESOME tradition in my neighborhood of doing a slightly goofy breakfast brunch potluck in the street.  Well, ok, it's actually in a driveway or sidewalk but outside unless there's a typhoon brewing. It's very casual and a lot of fun with awesome food.  Most the dads on the streets are good cooks and you know, they get a little competitive when they are in groups so...
The good news? Because I didn't have to sprint off to get to church so I could hurry back to get to work- we actually got to hang out longer this year. And not feel so rushed.  The bad news? Photos from Gold Cup AND Phil's cinnamon rolls remind me that my old foot injury and Being Too Busy Packing Up The Shop To Exercise are taking their toll on my waistline.  It's ALWAYS been non-existent, but not I actually have none.  I have always admired my daughter for not gaining the infamous "freshmen 15" when she went to college and she finds new ways to exercise now that she is no longer rowing. I am now counting on her encouraging example to kick start me into a new season of health.  I have multiple friends that made big job moves, or retired or just got sick of their slow selves and just got themselves together.  I need to find out their secrets.  DO I REALLY have to go to the Y 7 days a week like Bruce? How many miles does Trish run a day anyway? Can cutting out ENTIRE food group be anything more than a gimmick? Will I have to eat proverbial bird seed like these birdies?  (Like how I am humble bragging while showing off my cool Mom's Day gifts?)
Let's just say I am feeling a little New Year's Resolution-y and am hoping the feeling holds long enough to get into my shorts from last summer. I need to lose like, no lie, sixty points at this point so would love to hear your secrets of getting/keeping in shape.
The fact that have lost two inches in height AND have a former chef for a spouse AND have realized that I actually eat and drink as hobbies remind me it's time to get back to more art making during the day and needlework or writing at night- after all it's hard to stitch or type with your hands full, eh?