Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What a find! - REfind Consignments

I am taking this great new class called "Growing Your Soul" this year. I am in that Mommy Rut where I feel like I am always Last In Line so decided to do something. After acknowledging that I probably need a personal trainer I decided that getting my interior life into shape was a more immediate priority. (How I am going to explain this to my doctor when I go in for my follow-up next week is another story!) I am thoroughly enjoying class but I must admit I found a very secular distraction a block away from church. REfind Consignments. Number one- What an AWESOME name and two: what a charming place!
It's a bit more formal than Stifel & Capra (but what isn't?) but REfind is really nicely merchandised and, because the building is new, spic and span, with plumb walls and dare I say level floors! The owner Carey Williams was easy to talk to and very welcoming. If you find yourself over on Church Street in Vienna, VA stop in! Tell them I sent you. And if you go tomorrow you might see me again -my class gets out at eleven.

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