Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Momentous shop news

Hello Friend- 

The only thing constant is change, so they say.  That adage was brought to mind quite forcibly recently.

There is not subtle way to say this: I have lost my lease here in Falls Church.  I have chosen not to renew the lease at the increased rate my Landlord is asking for the building. 

The hardest part about this decision is telling my tenants and vendors. And now telling you.

I would like to emphasize we are NOT going out of business.  Just out of this building.  

All of our fantastic events planned for February and March are still scheduled and will go off as planned.  If you have been procrastinating about taking a class might I suggest that NOW is the time to sign up?!

Please mark your calendar and join us as we celebrate what we have here on Broad Street and stay tuned for what comes next.

To Adventure!