Thursday, April 25, 2019

Happy Birthday from the Hospital - real life vs social media

 Tuesday was my birthday. Tuesday was also the day I went into the hospital for some cardiac testing to try to puzzle out some answers on troublesome ekgs and stress tests. So while I was waiting for my procedure I sat and read all my wonderful Facebook birthday messages.  I was sort of amused that everyone assumed I was gallivanting around, eating gourmet food with a champagne toast when instead I had been fasting before heading to the cardiac care unit. Aaah, social media self vs real life. (Although to be fair, I did not post any fake photos on my birthday.)
The operating room techs shared a slice of a fellow staffer's cake with me after my procedure!
 Happily, nothing was discovered that required surgical intervention. I am thrilled and beyond relieved. It was scary feeling like a ticking time bomb.  It was also a reminder that I need to take better care of myself.  With all the medical hi-jinks my husband has been through all I pretty much coast on the fact that I have never had high cholesterol or sugars and that even though I am overweight I "carry it well" and am fairly active physically.  Apparently that is not sufficient when one hits middle age. So off to the gym I will go.

Which was WAY tastier than the salt free dinner I got as I recovered.
 I use social media to hold myself accountable in my art practice. If I look at my feeds and see nothing new it's time to hit the studio. I also use social media to remind myself to look for beauty in the details. My son harasses me occasionally about stopping to take photos as opposed to just experiencing the moment.  I tell him by looking for photos I notice things I might not if were not looking for beauty.  I am an optimistic person that doesn't dwell on the negative in real life and I think my social media self reflects that as well.  I am annoying pragmatic and realistic 99% of the time but I think complaining or being negative is truly a waste of breath so here I am, in all my creaky middle age splendor.
Here's what 58 with no make up and new earrings looks like.  Happy birthday to me. 
PS on the 100 day project blog the night before I went into the hospital- there was a wonderful post about not beating yourself up if you missed a day or 8. My competitive self was grateful for the permission to rest. this will be Day 20 of 100. I am proud of myself for not bailing...

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Hopping Down the Bunny Trail

Bunny shortcakes
 Holidays tend to bring out the food memories and traditions with people.  One of our now favorite Easter desserts - Strawberry Bunny Shortcakes started somewhat whimsically.  Back in the olden days (early 90's) there was a gourmet chocolate shop in Tysons Corner called Ethel M's.  It was named for Mr. Mars' Mom. Yes, Mars of Mars Chocolate Co. Ethel M's made beautiful, flavorful gourmet confections and they were a Stifel family special occasion treat.

At Easter one year they sold handsome cookie cutters filled to the brim with chocolate. The cutters were supposed to be a decoration I think but they were adorable functional cutters and I use the cutter the following year to make our shortcakes a little more festive. And that is how they have been made, of course, ever since!

Do you have any quirky holiday dessert traditions?  Do tell!
Bunny shortcakes moved to the coast last year!
PS Happily we have two cutters so someday the kids will each have one when they set up housekeeping and start cooking Easter dinner!