Thursday, September 27, 2007

Barbara Bricks - New Artist

Barbara Bricks has quite the flair with mixing textures, materials and embellishments. I recently received a shipment of Barbara's hand knit scarves and this week finally found them a space in the store so you can appreciate the work that goes into each one. (I had the happy problem of people buying my display pieces!)

The scarves are luscious, Some scarves are an inventive mix of different colors and types of yarns. Some scarves have the most interesting embellishments picked up during Barbara's travels: Murano glass from Italy, hand made beads, and vintage beads of all shapes and sizes. Barbara hand applies different combinations of baubles to enhance and contrast with her knitting. We have had a blast in the shop trying them on. Come on in and join us!

Had a great lunch appointment earlier in the week with an old client of mine. Ric co-owns Office Images, a commercial furniture dealership up in Rockville. Ric and his partner recently moved into a glorious, sophisticated office suite, much larger than their old digs. It is truly a showroom, showcasing all of their of their various office systems. Large walls of windows with mature trees outside really enhance the feel of the space. It's heartening to hear how well business is going for other entrepreneurs in the area.
Took Bob and the kids to the beach this last weekend; just the four of us. We were a little apprehensive about manuevering on the sand but Bob did great and we didn't even use the beach wheelchair! Bob DID get back the results of his recent X-Rays and he does officially have osteo-arthritis in his right hip. It's more than a little frustrating that what is slowing down his rehabilitation is not his amputated limb or his prosthethis but his "good" hip. New things to learn and do. I am so sure one edict will be the ol' eat less and exercise more routine. Amazing how sage advice will this will cure many of our modern ills.

Many thanks to Debby, Beth and Laurie for holding down the fort last Saturday; everyone I have spoken too was very tickled that we have been able to be open every Saturday morning all summer. Couldn't do it without you all!

A mom's work is never done... I am chaperoning our daughter's Girl Scout camping trip this weekend (WHAT was I thinking????) so my grand hubby Bob is manning (literally for a change!) the shop on Saturday morning. My new phrase for the men in my household is that they are "pathologically social" so Bob will be pining away if he doesn't have visitors. Come say "hi" Saturday morning after you shop the Farmer's Market if you can - Bob would love to see you!
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