Wednesday, August 7, 2013

me & ...

 The interesting thing about meeting people that you have read about or seen on TV or whatever is that they are well, people.  The illustrious CeCe Caldwell came to a regional meeting for her Chalk and Clay paint and gamely came to our house and enjoyed a typical Stifel Happy Hour.  She was fun, easy to talk to and frank in her opinions about her business and philosophy.
 I admit it I am a groupie fan girl FREAK about Mary Englebriet.  I admire her, how she has persevered in her art career and re-invented herself numerous times over the years to keep herself and her family sane while not comprising her art and her style.  I was trying really hard to be cool when I posed for this picture so I would n't chase her off!  Her comment before this photo was taken? "Boy, I just love having my picture taken. " Really Mary?  Perhaps not. But she was so gracious and charming.  I was flabbergasted to find someone with international reach and influence was shy and somewhat nonplussed at all of the fuss being made over her.
 My husband, on the other hand, has never met a camera he didn't like!
 I need to take more photos with our FIRSTfriday artisans.  This is one of only THREE I found and we have been doing this event for almost 6 years (EEK!) - with the lovely Isabel Zito.
 Been throwing a Mardi Gras party for twenty years. How many shots of me & my guests. TWO - one with Bruce Mogensen.
 We've had SIX birthdays at S&C. ONE shot of cake - with Ashleigh Collens of My Two Monkeys.
 Hanging with the neighbors for 20 years. ONE shot with the lovely Howard Cincotta.
 Artist shot #2 - with poet & artist DJ Gaskin
 more beach pics than anything else. My happy place but I am not it the bulk of the shots.
 Did I ever mention we went to the White House at Christmas?  Bob was mad at me because I didn't linger longer.  Was worried about slowing other people down.  This I will ever go again? Probably not in the cards  as the hubs no longer has a clearance...
Did I mention we faced the paparazzi
 or sat in our jammies on Christmas Morning?  I REALLY need to document my own life.  It would be so much fun to have more of my Mardi Gras table mates (here with Ted Timberlake.) Why don't I have pictures dancing on his patio?

 But I have this very bad habit of thinking planning and pondering the future and not not actually living in the present.  And being self conscious about pulling out the camera and taking photos to capture moments. Mind you I do know I have other bad habits too.. No comments all.
 I owe my bestie & unflagging cheerleader Laurie O'Bryon a phone call.  I seem to be keeping up with her through her boyfriend's Facebook posts (sorry about the deer in the backyard, Laurie).
Bob may look surprised but I am increasingly aware that time is FLYING by.  I need to take not just more photos of the people I care about but more time with them too.  Tick, tick, tick...