Friday, February 11, 2011

A few of my Favorite Things

Anniversaries bring memories of the mundane and sublime.  Last weekend was the 4th anniversary of my husband Bob's 3 week bout in the Intensive Care Unit at Inova Fairfax Hospital. Strep induced sepsis led to the amputation on his left leg and left repercussions on our family that are still being felt today.  So what do we do at the Stifel house?  Why have a party of course!  We call it the "Re-Birthday" Party.  I invite my family and the neighbors over to celebrate the fact that I still HAVE a husband!  They tell stories about duty shifts, taking care of the kids and rehab.  What could be a depressing day turns into a celebration of how far we have come.  Here's to friends! 
And family!
OK, so NO neighbor photos and no cute pics of my sister's family.  I was too busy worrying about the fact we were out of ice.  One of the things I learned with Bob being ill is not to sweat the small stuff.  Hopefully she will forgive me!)
I love you Bob! Here's to many more years together.
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