Monday, July 2, 2012

Bob IS the best, soooo

 Am trying to decide what convaluted thing it is that I can get things done for other people, waaay faster than I do things for myself.  Is it the "Martyr Mom" persona?  Is it the "you can rely on me!" SuperFriend thing?  With my own work I want it to be perfect so it never appears.  When I am working on something for someone I can objectively evaluate, (good, better great) make adjustments and GO.   I AM determined to NOT make the same mistakes helping my husband like I do when I trap myself in my own details.  (Coach Lesley are you proud of me???).

Thus Bob's Best Quality BBQ is on both Etsy AND Facebook as of last night at 10.  And of course he had more "fans" by breakfast than I had at Stifel & Capra in a month because I didn't TELL anyone when I posted the shop page!  Amazing how that works, she said abashedly.

Of COURSE, it needs to be tweaked and I can see every flaw and every "thing to do" but you know what?  This party has STARTED!  Trying to let that be a lesson to ME.  Next? The website!  Charge!