Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Traditional Easter Breakfast!

Happy Easter!

After an historically appropriate gloomy Friday & Saturday, Sunday dawned bright and sunny! We had our traditional Easter Breakfast(!) and then went to services at the tardy hour of 11 (, then headed back to the 'hood for the neighborhood Easter Egg hunt.

Our mischievous neighbor waited for the kids to find his annual sneaky standard ploy, the "crazy, how did that get up there?" Easter egg. This year's egg was hanging from fishing line twenty feet in the air. How he got in and out of there without being seen is beyond me!

It takes a lot to get me to buy anything but I couldn't resist Christine of Society Hill's Cross pearl ring for my Easter outfit. Isn't it awesome? Christine is in studio three or four days a week and I have the key to the case if you see anything you can't live without!
Blessings to you and yours-Posted by Picasa