Monday, November 16, 2009

Slacker Blogger returns to report on Falls Church Arts at the Market!

"Disclipline" is from the slacker: to dis, as in "not quite get around to", even though "you know it is important "and your friends and family tell you to "get on it". Well, I am back reporting with lots of info because I have missed so much in the past couple of weeks...

Barb Cram, wonder woman of Falls Church City, got the blessing for Falls Church arts to take space in the highly regarded Falls Church Farmer's Market. The Market features artisan dairy and meat products along with produce so I think our one of a kind artisans fit right in! Out inaugral Saturday was this last weekend and it was not the prettiest day to begin the season. But the mist and drizzle did not deter out stawalt crew of Cathy Summers (and her lovely daughter), Beth Loftis and Angela Williams from presenting and educating the market crowd of just a small sampling of what Falls Church Arts has to offer.

The crowd was very receptive, everyone made their booth fee and we are looking forward to seeing you next Saturday if you are at the Market. The Falls Church Farmer's Market is just 2 blocks from Stifel & Capra up Little Falls Street on the City Hall Grounds and runs from 8am to noon.

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