Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Good News: it didn't hit a house-

The kids and I were contemplating going to the pool Monday afternoon when it started to get dark. After bemoaning that Mother Nature was out to get us, the power went out, the wind came up, thunder and lighting was roaring so loud we didn't even hear three, count 'em three trees come down in our back yard. Actually barely in our yard but fully across my next door neighbors and into the yard 2 houses up!
In keeping with the Stifel "wow, that is horrible, aren't you lucky!" good fortune that seems to be dogging us lately, the trees did NOT take out: people, pets, garage, shed, playsets, or even our tacky plastic lawn furniture. The trees however completely uprooted my shade gardens, tore down three sections of fence and provided distraction for the parade of neighbors that stopped in to see the carnage.

Hope your near misses today are just as spectacular!

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