Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Celebrate Stifel & Capra's 2nd Birthday!!!

Stifel & Capra turned 2 on the first of July and to celebrate we are throwing a birthday party at the shop tomorrow. We're open from ten in the morning until nine at night so DO stop in and check out all of the sales, promotions and specials that the artists and vendors have put together for you. Birthday cake is served at six o'clock. Stop by and sing "Happy Birthday!"

For all of those who are wondering, the beach WAS lovely the weather was fantastic all week. It only rained one day and that was a designated treasure hunting day for the store so all was well. We were in Lewes, Delaware where the people are friendly, the sidewalks roll up at six and the bay side beach is welcoming and easy to use. This was brought into shining focus last week. My friends, the Burns Family were visiting us for the weekend and my friend Marty looked around and started laughing, "Wow, you weren't kidding this is an accessible place!". Why you ask? Looking across the beach we saw my beloved one legged husband, their son,who has the use of one arm, his other son who just got diagnosed with juvenile diabetes, so they were testing him on the beach, and the folks at the umbrella next to us daughter had diabetes as well and was wearing a diagnostic device. Looking down the beach we saw a Down's Syndrome child, three walkers and beach wheelchair that Bob had to use last year was in motion carrying someone to the water. Like I said the beach is VERY accessible! And certainly soothes your soul.

We got a taste of how the other half lives when we went down to Rehoboth Bay to take the Bay Site seeing Cruise (first time ever and we've been going for 7 years!). We enjoyed the bay, the marshlands and bird watching, learned cool things about the ecology of the bay and were boggled by the pleasure boats and the "cottages" we saw along the shore. This red roof one is where you will find me if I ever win the lotto! But in lieu of that I am back to work. Vacation but a distant memory...
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