Friday, August 24, 2007

Featuring a Portrait by Deborah Conn

In addition to watercolor artist Deborah Conn talent in painting still lifes, landscapes and florals, she is also a superb painter of portraits! Her use of color and ability to capture expression are unmatched and must be seen in person to be appreciated. Look for examples of Debby's work here at the shop and at the Falls Church Arts Gallery Show this month. Debby accepts comissions and can capture any age from children to their grandparents.

I have had a very busy week at the shop. I have met with 4 more artists to discuss putting together portfolios for our upcoming corporate sales effort. Seeing the talent that is here in Falls Church and the surrounding areas is mind-boggling. I am very excited to be able find some of these great works a home, hopefully soon!

Note to self: When you have a private party and want photographic evidence of your good time it would behoove you to put your camera on the table! Thanks to the ladies in my Mom's Support Group who came out to play on Wednesday. We had a great time reconnecting. The group doesn't officially meet over the summer. It is good to get perspective on your life from others and realize that you are NOT the only one living a crazy life...

Here's the collage I just finished for Karen, friend of Lou Ann. I teasingly called Lou Ann "my new best friend" because everytime she stops in she brings different friends with her. Thanks Lou Ann! Keep 'em coming!
I will be in the shop tomorrow from 9-12 while the Farmer's Market is open so grab your tomatoes while they are still available and stop in and say "hi" and have a cup of coffee or tea.