Friday, April 15, 2016

Freshening a Kitchen while Staring Down Deadlines

One of the joys of my next chapter is the ability to write my own schedule.  Right now I am trying to juggle revenue producing activities (doing a custom paint job with Cindy as my trusty right hand woman) with doctor appointments (actually doing all of those pesky self-care things I have been ignoring) while attempting to solve the mystery of how every thing that is staring at me in that storage container in my driveway is going to fit into my life.  Oh and I need to plan for next week's art doll demo and trunk show while I pack to head out to the Spring Kick-off for Stifel & Capra's social debut at the Old Screen Door.  Whew. Oh, and then, I "have" to sit on my back deck with friends and enjoy the sunshine and spring flowers. Apparently taking my "Big Life" mantra to heart...
The good news I feel invigorated by the fact that I am making decisions about what I will do when.  AND that my family is buying into the fact that our dining room might be the storage garage until fall. I COULD hang curtains across the doorway but I think the stuff staring at me is probably a bigger motivator.
On this glorious kitchen we just have to paint the inside of the doors and attach the hardware and we are done.  God BLESS these flexible homeowners- they are given me a week off to prep for my shows and then come back and finish.  Amazingly flexible.  As my client says, she's not worried about me coming back because I need to get paid!  It's looking good so far though, eh?
Off to fill etsy & CeCe orders and then heading across the Bay Bridge to the Old Screen Door (although I might make a few treasure stops along the way...)
Looking forward to this weekend AND next week.  One whole solid week of making things (with breaks to clear debris fields!). Am giddy with anticipation.