Monday, April 25, 2016

Room with a View - or the Weekend That Didn't Go as Planned

Who WOULDN'T want to wake up to a view like this? I know I would want to. In fact Bob & my main mission for our next chapter of our life is to find a nice waterfront community to continue our spice making, vintage treasure hunting, art producing selves to head quarter from.  Saturday I was supposed to be demo-ing my art doll maker's skill at a local fair but the registration somehow got messed up and they didn't have me on the roster.  Given the rainy forecast I decided it was a clue NOT to try to keep things dry in a tent and to make a new plan.  So the Hubs, Son & I went for a little boondoggle and looked at a couple of waterfront homes and enjoyed a lovely seafood  lunch.
We are very enamored of a particular cove in the Solomons area.  We nearly bought a house there a couple of years ago.  We were so enthralled with that particular house (one story, newly renovated, art studio over the garage) that we were going to sell our home in Virginia and rent an apartment so Son could finish high school- now THAT's love.  But someone got an offer in ahead of us. So the search continues...
Moseyed back home to my birthday gifts and flowers. My favorite was a new beach chair with a FOOTSTOOL- can't you just see me with my feet up staring at the water?  And then had a yummy "tasting of summer" supper and a glass of wine on the deck.  Awesome day, even if it didn't look like what the calender said!

Sunday brought my pop-up trunk show at New to You here in Falls Church.
Christina was sweet enough to buy me a chocolate birthday cake- YUM! It was lovely but we chomped into before we remembered to immortalize it in a photo op.
Had a wonderful turn-out.  Sipped some bubbly and got to see a bunch of familiar faces and sell some treasures. I miss a lot about having my own store.  Mostly I miss the interactions with the people,  Hearing about what is going on with their lives, Making connections among the folks I know, A great day- a great weekend. 
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