Thursday, October 4, 2012

On to the next...

So here is my completed man child.  Some would say a portrait of my teenage son, but he is truly at that stage where he either either acts like a child or a man and not really so much in between!  The jacket is made of old sheet music because he LOVES music, singing , playing composing.  I think he looks cool enough to be in a band from this shot, don't you?
On to the next!  Inspiration came from an unlikely place on this next piece, Facebook stream!  An artist friend of mine Ashby Foote, was tagged in a photo as she was heading to Brooklyn to a party at the train station.  I thought it was a glamorous mysterious photo so I asked her if I could use it as inspiration for my next collage.  I have the background painted and laid out and have started working on the the figure all in one day.  And there it sits because then I spent the rest of the week working on pulling expired consigner items, receiving and tagging new merchandise (over 100 pieces in 2 days! Whew!) and whipping the shop into shape so we can be ready for our big FIRSTfriday opening. 

If you are local, do stop in!  5 to 8pm THIS Friday.  Stay tuned for more details.