Friday, March 20, 2009

And the honor goes to...Sandi Parker!

While I am STILL unpacking, Sandi Parker is hard at work in her new studio at Stifel and Capra! She has been working on a series of sports related paintings to exhibit as a collection. Her latest is a kinetic skateboarder showing off a trick! I think it is quite the trick that Sandi has been working with the chaos around her! We have three studios left to rent so if you know an artist that needs studio space, tell them to call before it is too late!
I will say that the place is coming together; it looks GREAT! For now we are keeping our existing hours, Monday through Saturday from 10 to 2, or by appointment with special posted night events. Come September we will be expanding to at least 10 to 5.
Stop in and see!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's not pretty, but we are in!

I felt like a queen for a day (thus the Queen mum hat!), moving went soooooooo smooth! We had lots of help packing and moving merchandise (THANK YOU to Beth, Bob, Laurie, Allison, Lenore, Mary, Sonja, Phil, Cathy, Cathy, Debby, Howard, Bob,Olivia, Nancy, Robin, Glenn, Melanie, Samantha and everyone else that helped).

Kevin and Ramon at Two Guys and a Truck did a great job of getting all of the furniture over. Frankly they were a LOT more careful than I would have been!

I have everything unpacked and it is in large drifting piles all over my new space. Give me one more day to organized goodies and then PLEASE do stop in!

Verizon in its infinite wisdom can't move the phone for another week so while I mutter and look for alternatives, please call the shop via my cel if you need to reach us! 703-407-0770.

Lisa Rodriguez has openings in her upcoming Thursday class (See Feb 20th post for great examples of her teaching prowess).
It's the Colored Pencil Portraits Class. Only $60 for a two hour workshop. Learn techniques to draw from photos in color, achieve correct shading, texture and skin tone. Surprising results and enjoyable technique.
Thursday's class WILL be in the new space so come check it out!

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