Thursday, April 21, 2022

Blaire's Brother is getting married. An Upcycle for Remembrance.

It might have been after my buddy Melissa sang my praises on social media but I was contacted by someone who wanted to do something special to remember her father.
Blaire's brother was getting married and Blaire wanted him to have a memento of their late father on his wedding day. So she sent me some of her father's ties and we concocted a plan!
After picking them apart I came up with a pattern that I like that I thought would work will together.
Stitched them up...
And came up with a pocket square for him to walk down the aisle with!
Proper in the front-
A little wacky on the back!
Then I googled "how to fold a pocket square!
Here are three of my favorite ways to fold it!

 Thank you Blaire for trusting me with your family heirlooms.

May your dad's memory always be a blessing.