Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rain or shine

"Will you love me rain or shine, will you be my Valentine?"
says one of my kitschy 50's Valentines.  After working six or seven days a week throughout most of the spring we actually proactively booked coverage at home and at the shop and took off a long weekend at the beach.  The weather was gorgeous. 

And the weather was NOT gorgeous.  But we were tickled, the day that it was "supposed to" rain we sat on the beach for 4 hours watching the clouds go in, out and around us, reading and people watching.  Until I said "Time to go, this time I smell rain".  We can't move out too quickly as Bob's prosthetic "water leg" is truly a peg leg with foot. Impossible to be nimble but serviceable enough to get us to the water's edge and IN so we don't complain! We got ourselves packed in and BOOM, what you see below.  So we were feeling pretty smug on the way home.  Bob actually took a shower in the outdoor shower in the rain.  Pretty brisk as it was getting chilly!

We spent the whole weekend junking for treasure for the shop, eating tasty treats, drinking wine watching the sunsets on the bay.  Fun, fun fun until I was nagging him about camera angles for this shot below. Oh also when I didn't lock the cereal and the ants came marching in to take it back to their ant lair (ugh). Other than that, rain and shine a perfect weekend, Valentine.  xo

And thanks to everyone who held down the fort and home and at the shop so we could run away. It will make us MUCH more pleasant to be around this week!