Saturday, November 22, 2008

A blustery day-

We had a lovely, albeit chilly, day at the shop today. The farmer's market looked posititvely naked; the wind was blowing so hard that all of the farmer's took their tents down before they blew into the next county. I was feeling bad for the farmer's as not too many folks were heading outside in the cold. Business picked up in the afternoon though, so hopefully that was true across the street as well!

My intrepid webmaster sister Robin has been busy posting art on our website If you check out the featured artist page you will see Sandi Parker's and Jane McElvaney Coonce's new listings. They are quite lovely!
For those people that wonder how my personalized photo pillows hold up over time here is one I made my husband Bob six years ago commenerating his big Cape Cod catch. The blue fabric around the photo transfer was actually the only salvagable part of his favorite fishing shirt that had literally split from the sun. As you can see it has held up VERY well!

I am working hard getting ready for our Thanksgiving Day weekend at Stifel & Capra. We have LOTS of new merchandise and art, with beautiful ornaments both vintage and overstock for MUCH less than you can find at the mall. "Black Friday" I am opening at the VERY civilized hour of 10am. I will be serving brunch snacks and mimosas so stop in and join the festivities. If you have been shopping sice 4am that morning I am guess you could use the protein! See you soon!
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