Thursday, September 6, 2012

Chaos ensues!

 I get LOTS of compliments on how nicely arranged my shop is.  And when I have company coming the studio can look pretty cool too.  When I am actually MAKING art?  Eh, not so much...
 One of the "joys" of mixed media work is that EVERYTHING is an art supply.  The tricky thing is that my work has a LOT of layers so I end up working on multiple things at the same time while waiting for the proverbial paint (or glue!) to dry. 
 Obviously I have a lot going on.  Stay tuned for some actual finished pieces.
I had meeting number one with my personal PMP (project management professional) and his eyes rolled back in his head when I gave him all of my goals and projects I am trying to juggle.  Good to know I can frighten a professional...

PS Sold my blonde babe collage! Thank you Kevin.