Friday, August 10, 2007

New Artist - Valerie Makepeace

I am very excited to have Val's evocative photograph's in the shop. A film camera, a darkroom and,and artistic technique lend a contemplative mood to her work that just makes you want to jump in the frame and not come out! We have six framed pieces hung and more matted and ready for your review in the bin gallery.
We'll close at noon on Saturday but stop by for a cup of coffee if you can!
On a Bob note- He is back to work 40 hours a week. Not full time by PPC standards but he is doing his best! :o) Physical therapy is working well. His PT's keep him challenged and laughing (or maybe it is the other way around!) Bob's biggest aches this week are coming from NEAR falls, catching himself from landing on the ground does a number on his back and hip but saves me the laundry!
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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Another Local Girl Makes Good!

PAZZA ,which means crazy in Italian, is a greeting card company that makes fun of the fact that we just can't have it together all of the time. PAZZA Cards are the brainchild of another neighbor, albeit one who has relocated to the West Coast. Emily Lannon grew up a block over and has boldly gone forward and launched a greeting card line that was well received at the National Stationary Show.

We are carrying 21 of Emily's most popular designs. Anniversary & wedding cards, birthday greetings and just plain ol' get through the day cards are here. PAZZA cards are sure to make you smile. Come see for yourself!

The devils on the card above stand as a reminder to the fact that it is a sweltering 105 degrees here in Falls Church. UGH. Thank you to the stalwalt shoppers that have ventured out of their homes and offices to come in and say "hi"! I REALLY appreciate it! The shop will be open this Saturday morning during the Falls Church Farmer's Market so go buy local produce and support our local farmers and then come over and cool off !
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