Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Beginnings for the New Year!

I am not sure if my husband made a new year's resolution to be patient with Stifel & Capra "stuff" invading our home but he is doing a fine job of it, being patient that is. So far I'd say 75% of my buying trip is tagged and in the shop but there is still a bit of a debris field on the dining room table. (This IS the before photo, I promise!) I also have this shoe box size container full of the funkiest vintage jewelry that I am hoping to get tagged and out for the big "thank you sale" that is tonight from 6 to 9. Maybe I can do it between customers (hahahah!).

My next step after writing this note is working up the FIRSTFRiday schedule for February AND the 2009 class schedule. I am REALLY excited about being able to offer classes. Heck, I think the biggest dilemma I have is that I would like to actually TAKE all of the classes instead of helping facilitate them!
One of the classes that Stifel & Capra will offer in 2009 is Deborah Conn's watercolor monotype class.
Debby's got such a talent with a watercolor brush! This is monotype class is a fresh take on traditional watercolor painting. A little looser, a little more forgiving, I think it is a great way to learn how this tricky medium works. My mission is to have the class schedule up before I go home. Wish me luck!
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