Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tick, tick, tick...

Was thrown for a loop today.  Bad news about a friend's cancer diagnosis yesterday. Feeling like I am running in circles and Not Quite Accomplishing Things. 
Decided to take 10 minutes while I was waiting for laundry to dry I thought I would try to make SOMEthing.  So, while I didn't finish a piece I took a painted paper that I was not fond of and turned it into something that I can work with.  I wrote line after line from a hymn across my paint drabs, wishing well with my beloved "J".
Probably won't show in the finished piece but I will know.  

Monday, September 9, 2013

You gotta pay the --- Cellist??

Cellist's creator Eloa Jane's is S&C Featured September Artist

You know that old adage about "paying the piper"?  I feel like I have been paying EVERYONE in the last couple of weeks.  School fees, car expenses, government fess for my helium tank (REALLY?). Seems like every thing that rolls around periodically but is NOT factored into my budget is due at the same time.   But then I think that is how I work to.  I am not so good at budgeting, doing a little bit everyday of something,  I make 9 pieces of art or none.  Rearrange the entire shop or nothing.  Cook 4 meals at a time or eat cereal.  Read a 400 page novel in three days or pick up nothing heavier than a magazine.  Not sure WHAT that says about me except for maybe that I enjoy "the Zone". 

Have you signed up for Area's 718's Karen Mullarkey's mixed media classes yet? There is one this weekend!

You know the zone, that Zen, timeless place, where the world ceases to exist and you are in whatever is in front of you.  Bliss.  When I was a headhunter I used to drive my boss crazy because I would bill a month's worth of income in 4 days because I worked in "batches", seemingly incapable of doing a little bit of this, a little bit of that.  After I injured my neck a few years ago I got rudely tossed from the "Zone", because my arm and legs would go numb whenever I stayed in the same position longer than 20 minutes.  So I moved to "Timer Land" where I would literally set a timer to make me get up and move a different muscle group.  I have survived and still yet don't feel I am thriving to what I am capable of.
Maybe it is time to go back to the Zone with Middle Age Restrictions - like Eating Right, Exercising & Going To Bed At A Decent Hour SO I Am Not A Mess The Next Day.
Cindy, here's the gratuitous chair shot!
 Why does that sound so UNappealing?  Why do I get SUCH a thrill from the big move, the big start-up, the big project started, worked and finished?  Hard to understand why one is wired the way one is.  But I am learning to live with the fact that maybe at 51 I should take better care of myself so I DON'T have to fight my nature when it is most creative...
Sunny flower pastel sketch from my daughter to brighten my thoughts.