Thursday, November 1, 2012

An Ill wind that blows nobody good

 Nothing like a epic natural disaster to remind you that most of your problems are of your own imagination.  Am still saying my prayers for those caught in the devastation. 

Shockingly, Hurricane Sandy pummeled our neighborhood but we retained power.  Happily as the sump pump in the cellar of the antique building my shop is in was going full steam!  The stacked stone foundation was no match for Sandy.  Thank the Lord for my hubby with the shop vac!  We scooped up sixty gallons on the floor.  Bob ALSO saved me from the "black screen of death".  And yes, we DO have the system backed up.  Now.
Sandy took the bloom off my "woman power, let's all make stuff and find ourselves" first Red Thread Retreat that Lesley Riley hosted up in the hills of Maryland.  I met some AWESOME ladies, especially our instructors Claudine Hellmuth and Nina Bagley.  These ladies are legends in my mixed media world and are just as lovely in person as their work.  Above is only a SMALL part of my stash that I took to make goodies.  More on that next time I promise.
Actually got a couple hours in on my next piece (Ya gotta get the eyes right or you are doomed) for my solo show at 1st Stage that opens in TWO weeks, EEK!  Man, do I have a lot of work to do.